Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The Tavern Breaks Ground, Dream Center

Hickory Tavern, SC - The Tavern broke ground Sunday, July 30, 2023 for their new Dream Center. Drinks were on the house, Living Water and New Wine, the only drinks that can quinch one’s thirst, says the lead pastor, Rev. Chad Jordan, repeating the words of the Master. Free coffee and snacks were also available in Guest Services. Live music was provided by The Tavern Praise Team and Band.

Before the groundbreaking ceremony, Rev. Chad Jordan preached his Sunday morning sermon (inside the current worship center/gymnasium) on the "Influence of Social Media."  He took his outline from a previous Sprite commercial, which stated: Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst. He mentioned influencers and how they should positively influence others; that the right image is important; how Jesus offered the woman at the well living-water that would quinch her thirst; how salt (influencers) should make others thirst for God; and lastly, obey the (godly) thirst for things above.

The service then moved outdoors as the crowd gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Dream Center, which will be 15,494 square feet and seat over 420 people. It will be one of the largest worship centers in Laurens County. 
This project has been over seven (7) years in the making, as the previous building had been condemned by the county and torn down due to structural issues with the rafters.

To kick-off the outdoor ceremony, Pastor Chad, read verses from the book of Habakkuk chapter two, which instructs the prophet to write down on tablets the God-given vision…and to wait for it to come to pass. Rev. Jordan went on the explain The Tavern’s mission statement: Dream. Develop. Discover.

“The goal is to create an environment that encourages people to dream, which is interchangeable with the word vision, and to be better” says, Rev. Jordan, “to help develop that dream, to disciple them, to come alongside, and help people to discover how that is supposed to work, what that looks like in God’s plan for their life, whatever your talents and strength are...” 

The church elders joined the pastor with shovels in hand to break ground, then ended the ceremony with prayer. Now the grading and construction can begin!

Everyone is welcome to be a part of The Tavern. The church is located at: 18069 SC-101, Gray Court, SC 29645 (formerly known as Hickory Tavern Church of God.)  For more info call 864.684.2201

Article contributed by: Celeste Culbertson

The top two photos contributed by: Summer Walls

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July Fireworks in Retrospect

Who can believe that almost one month ago, we were planning our 4th of July cookouts and trying to decide where to go to watch the fireworks displays? Some folks in Laurens County opted for the annual Lake Rabon Estate display, while others watched them from their pontoons on Lake Greenwood, as seen in the photo above, taken by a well-known photographer, Robert Vance. 

The writer of this post did neither, as in none of the above. My daughter, granddaughter and I shared a delicious meal at Senor Garcia in Laurens and came out (unknowingly) just in time to watch the fireworks show. We sat in the parking lot, where many people had gathered in their vehicles with their families, a few in golf carts riding around. We had a great time watching the bursts of brilliant colors explode in the sky, just over the Dollar General beside the Mexican restaurant at the old Laurens Plaza. Talk about dinner and a show, both were fantastic! Good times in our little home town. 

That all seems like a life time ago, way off in the past somewhere, but was less than 30 days ago. Now on to school starting today, August 1st, on a modified schedule in District 55. Go figure? It will be Christmas before we blink our eyes. Stop and enjoy the little things in life. 

Contributed by: Celeste Culbertson

Winner of the 2023 Jeremy Tumblin Memorial Race, Interview


Who won the 2023 Jeremy Tumblin Memorial Race back in June of this year at the Warrior Creek Speedway in Gray Court SC, you ask?  None other than Logan Tucker of the Justin McDonald Racing race team. Congrats (again) to the winner and the racing team who won four races that evening!

I was able to get a statement from Tucker last week. This is what he said when I asked if he had had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Tumblin and what it meant to him to win this race two years in a row:

“I met Jeremy Tumblin and he raced with our team on several different occasions at many of the different tracks we traveled to. Being able to win the race the first year was very meaningful, to not only myself but everyone who races with us and who knew Jeremy! Looking ahead to this year, being able to win it again against some stiff competition made it that much sweeter. While winning races at that event was important, we worked extra hard to win that memorial class because we knew Jeremy was looking down and smiling on us. It’s such a special victory to all of us at team JMR. I have the trophy checks and medallions set aside from the rest because of how meaningful this race is to me. Jeremy is greatly missed and played a great part in our racing family.”

Justin McDonald, the team owner, posted this on his personal Facebook page, shortly after the race: “JMR went to the Jeremy Tumblin Memorial Race this past Saturday and ended up with 4 wins, 3 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th place. It was an honor to be able to have a 1-2 finish in the Memorial Race for Jeremy Tumblin. We miss you bro. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and hard work in our program. Can’t beat a local Saturday night race.”

No need for my conclusion. These guys wrapped it up nicely. Here’s where I “drop the mic” and walk off the stage, feeling pretty darn good about my son, Jeremy Tumblin.

Contributed by: Celeste Culbertson

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