Tuesday, August 1, 2023

July Fireworks in Retrospect

Who can believe that almost one month ago, we were planning our 4th of July cookouts and trying to decide where to go to watch the fireworks displays? Some folks in Laurens County opted for the annual Lake Rabon Estate display, while others watched them from their pontoons on Lake Greenwood, as seen in the photo above, taken by a well-known photographer, Robert Vance. 

The writer of this post did neither, as in none of the above. My daughter, granddaughter and I shared a delicious meal at Senor Garcia in Laurens and came out (unknowingly) just in time to watch the fireworks show. We sat in the parking lot, where many people had gathered in their vehicles with their families, a few in golf carts riding around. We had a great time watching the bursts of brilliant colors explode in the sky, just over the Dollar General beside the Mexican restaurant at the old Laurens Plaza. Talk about dinner and a show, both were fantastic! Good times in our little home town. 

That all seems like a life time ago, way off in the past somewhere, but was less than 30 days ago. Now on to school starting today, August 1st, on a modified schedule in District 55. Go figure? It will be Christmas before we blink our eyes. Stop and enjoy the little things in life. 

Contributed by: Celeste Culbertson

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